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Mobile Device Security

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Statistically, over ¾ of online visits are made using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

However, we seldom use the same level of diligence in safe guarding them from cyber-attack as we do our home and office computers.

Most new devices come with great basic inbuilt security features which are quite often skimmed past, without being fully enabled. Switching to a new phone can be tedious and we just want to get that SIM in, make sure we’ve still got all of our contacts and then log straight on to Facebook, Twitter or our email.

It is however worth taking an extra few minutes to check you have everything set up correctly to keep you safe online.

We have a tendency to treat mobile devises with a throw away attitude. It doesn’t matter, it’ll be out-of-date or we’ll have broken it and got a new one before anything becomes an issue…..

Think again.

Modern technology isn’t quite as throw away as it once was and we now export our lackadaisical mishaps to all of our connected devices and networks.

Gone are the days when a new mobile device meant you endured that feeling of panic when you realise that half of your contacts were on your old phone and not your SIM. We now sync everything and your life is duplicated across your entire network so having its security breached can mean disaster for both you and other members of your online network AND YOUR BUSINESS.Chances are, you simply Smart Switched your phone contents to your latest model (along with lots of stuff you didn't want to) and chucked your old one in a draw, along with the last few defunked phones and the collection of chargers.

At home or in the office, you are more than likely cocooned by a robust firewall and up-to-date security via your broadband connection but once you step outside, it is Open Season for hackers and if you aren’t bullet proof, you’re fair game and on the menu.

Follow the Golden Rules when you are out and about on your mobile device and stay safe online:

  • Use a secure password lock on your phone – Hint: 1234 is not a secure password
  • Make sure you activate your firewall and security software.
  • Install & UPDATE your mobile devices operating software when prompted
  • Don’t open suspicious emails, open links or attachments
  • Never access websites like your bank, enter payment details or passwords whilst on an open unencrypted network
  • Turn off Bluetooth when in a public place

It is also worth considering fitting a privacy screen protector that prevents snooping eyes looking at your screen if you regularly use your mobile phone in overcrowded public places.


We want you to enjoy the new generation of mobile devices that allow you the freedom to roam whilst staying in touch with both work, family and friends. Hopefully, you’ll manage to stay safe while you do so.

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