In today’s competitive digital market, estate agents face the double challenge of attracting website visitors, and then keeping them long enough to convert them into business.

Sadly, all too often, we see agents endlessly slogging their guts out on social media and investing large amounts of time and money in advertising, but struggling to capture leads once they’ve directed traffic to their websites. Instead, visitors take a quick flick through and leave, often never to return.

However, there is a simple solution; give visitors a reason to stay and return.

Implementing interactive tools and guides on estate agents’ websites.

Engaging and useful tools and information not only capture visitors’ attention but also enhances their overall user experience, increasing the likelihood of return visits, and ultimately, conversion into buyers, vendors, or landlords.

You may not have a vast selection of stock to show off, but that doesn’t mean you want visitors to bounce faster than an Alcaraz return service.

In fact, the longer you can keep visitors on your website, the more likely they are to convert either now or when the time is right.

Top 7 Property Website Engagement Tools

1. Instant Valuations

Vendors and landlords often don’t want to commit to an in-person valuation but are super keen to find out how much their properties are worth. This is also a great way to collect leads for targeted marketing purposes.

2. Mortgage, Rental Yield, and Stamp Duty Calculators

Visitors LOVE these tools and they regularly use them multiple times, bringing them back to your site again and again. These interactive tools also help visitors assess and reassess their options, increasing their criteria range and the likelihood of a conversion.

3. 360° Virtual Property Tours and Dollhouses

One of the most effective interactive tools are virtual property tours and dollhouses. By utilising 360° tours, and virtual reality technology, estate agents can provide visitors with an incredibly immersive experience. This enables potential buyers or renters to explore properties from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for physical visits and increasing engagement. Both vendors, buyers, landlords, and renters also love sharing them, increasing your reach without you having to do a thing.

4. Information Guides

Providing information about the moving process not only increases engagement and your authority on the subject, it also helps you get found in searches, and once added to your sites, guides will keep on working for you, without the constant need for new material such as in social media. Once done, it will continue to attract movers searching for agents in your area and will only need to be updated when new legislation or services happen or you want a refresh.

5. Area Guides

By providing area guides, estate agents can create a welcoming sense of community and show off their local knowledge. These guides can include detailed information about local amenities, schools, transportation, and nearby attractions. By offering insights into their local areas, estate agents help potential buyers or renters make informed decisions, encouraging them to stay longer on the website.

And the bonus is, search engines love ‘local’ and adding them to your site will help you get found in search results.

6. News and Blogs

Adding regular industry or local news blogs and articles is a great way to increase web traffic and make better use of your time. Searching for endless inspiration for social media is incredibly time-consuming and then once it’s posted, it’s done and gone. However, creating a blog or news page provides you with a catalogue of shareable articles that you can refresh and recycle time after time, and it gives website visitors a fantastic supply of reading material that can help to increase your authority in all things local and property.

7. Live Chat

Real-time communication tools such as industry specialist live chat can significantly improve user experience. Visitors can receive immediate assistance, ask questions, and receive personalised recommendations. This interactive feature not only keeps visitors engaged but also helps estate agents establish a connection with potential clients. It’s also a great way to collect out-of-hours leads.

High bounce rates can appear challenging to overcome, however, with a little bit of planning and investment in your website’s interactive and engagement tool kit, they are easily remedied.

Talk to us today about making your website a game, set, and match-winner this summer.