Get a new site every 2 years with our ‘Site for Life’ offer


Whether you’re an agent or property professional, we like to think that you’ll enjoy working with the team and stay with us for life.

We know that after a couple of years or so, you are likely going to want to refresh your site, perhaps update the look and feel or add some new features.

We have an extremely easy way of doing this with our ‘Site for Life’ offer (available on all Template offerings).

For just £25 per month for a minimum of 2 years, you can replace your site every 2 years with another Template from our available range at that point in time. Any custom work requested will obviously be billed separately.


  • Keep your site fresh and up-to-date, with a new template every 2 years
  • Minimal monthly cost: no big one-off fee to build into your marketing budget
  • Peace of mind: you’re working with the most experienced property website developers in the UK

For more information call us on 0208 050 8822 or complete the form and we’ll call you!

With over 18 years in the industry and over 2,300 sites built, we’re ready to be your safe paid of hands.

*Hosting and license fees not included.

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