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We understand that for many agencies maintaining up to date, licensed copies of the desktop Office software is incredibly difficult and expensive.

The Property Jungle can resolve all of these issues by supplying you with Microsoft 365, including the latest Office 365 software productivity tools from Microsoft for both Windows, Mac, tablets and mobile phones.

There are two different subscriptions to choose from; Microsoft 365 Business Basic (browser based) or Microsoft 365 Business Standard (which allows a copy of the version to be downloaded for local use). When you sign up to this subscription service every one of your users gets the latest version of Office 365 software, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and One Note for use on up to 5 devices, as well as a massive 50Gb of email space and 1Tb of storage.

Office 365 allows you to sync all your devices so you can be working on your PC on a document, finish it on your tablet, read it again on your phone. All your emails are available on all your devices automatically. Whichever one you choose, you can be absolutely confident that you are running fully licensed copies of the latest versions, software, and it only costs you a few quid a month!

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Back-Up and Support

As Microsoft Partners we are backed by the largest provider of these services in the UK, providing us with 24/7 support. Everything is automatically backed up and operates through several layers of redundancy. We can even restore an email you accidentally deleted up to 30 days ago!

The most popular package is Microsoft 365 Business Standard which not only gives you all this desktop software but online versions of it too, so you and your staff can work remotely, instantly and collaborate on documents.

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