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Want to move by Christmas? Don't wait for an Indian Summer!

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

If you're waiting for an 'Indian Summer' to sell your property, you may be leaving it too late if you want to move by Christmas. Unless you get your skates on NOW!

 It's only 19 weeks until the big day and we'd assume you want to be opening presents on the big day and not unpacking pots and pans, so now is the time to act.


Let's assume you want to be moved in at the very latest, a week before Christmas so that gives us just 18 weeks.

The average move takes 12 weeks to complete and that's AFTER you've found a property to buy and a buyer for yours. This is average too. Some sales take even longer.

Oh dear, that's already taken us down to 6 weeks!

 Now we have to think about marketing. Did you know you now need to obtain an EPC before your property can even go on the market?


What about all of those odd jobs that need doing before photographs and viewings.

Hmm.... money. Have you discussed financing the move and arranged to see a mortgage advisor?

Have you spoken to any estate agents and requested an accurate and up-to-date valuation?

All of these things take time and a huge slice out of your 6 week period to sell and find a property.


These jobs will knock off approximately another 2 weeks. That leaves just 4 weeks to find a buyer and your next new home!

Four weeks may sound like a long time but ask any mover who has spent Christmas on a relative's sofa while their belongings were in storage, it goes very quickly!

Don't wait until September. You may have left it too late by then.

Start by calling your estate agent today.

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