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Do 'Good Guys' always come last?

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2015

Not in our experience. In fact the vast majority of our successful clients are some of the nicest estate agents in the industry.

As well as being superb people to work with, we've been lucky enough to have looked after many of them from tiny start-ups to multi-branch businesses. Seeing the good guys do well and grow their businesses is very satisfying and one of the reasons we love doing what we do.

With so much negative tabloid press surrounding the property industry, we like to do our bit and support our agents in any way we can. One way we can do that it via social media.

By helping you highlight all the great stuff many of you are doing, we can do our bit to raise awareness of what a huge asset estate agents are to their local communities.

We see so many of you sponsoring schools and charities and getting involved with local causes, so let us help you shout about it. We know you're a bashful lot and sometimes you don't like blowing your own trumpets, so let us do it for you!

If your news-feeds are anything like ours, they get pretty full and reading all of your posts is pretty much impossible (although we do try our best) so please let us know if you have something great to share so we can help show what valuable members of the community estate agents really are.

You can contact us in many ways. Why not send us a direct message on Twitter, Facebook or Goggle+ and tell us to check out your latest posts. You can also email us directly at jane@thepropertyjungle.com with links to your latest blog or news article.

Making you look good online isn’t just about websites at The Property Jungle. We want to help our clients across as many platforms as we can. 

Get touch so we can spread the word about how estate agents really are the ‘Good Guys’.

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