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A Recipe for Success

Posted on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What do successful Estate Agents and other businesses have in common?

They listen to their customers and provide them with fantastic services by adapting to their changing needs and requirements. Providing outstanding customers service that includes current and accurate information online creates a recipe for success.

Attracting vendors is the biggest obstacle agents are up against but many fail to consider that a vendor's decision over who to sign with can be heavily influenced by an agents website. Value for money is a big consideration when choosing who to entrust with their most valued possession and businesses that keep their websites up to date with fresh and current content and information and provide great user enhancements and interactive functions repeatedly gain the most new vendors.

Just a quick scan of the industry power league tables and industry award winners lists is clear evidence of why utilising your online shop window to its best advantage is integral to success. You don’t see any of these savvy agents allowing their websites to fall into disrepair and neglect. Plus a great many of them are our clients!

Take a stroll through our Nice Stuff page and see why our fantastic clients would only trust us with their brands and reputations.

Find out how to get your website back on track and working for you 24/7 by talking to us.


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