Covid-19 could present businesses with the unprecedented challenge of finding alternative ways to “Carry on Working” either remotely, from home or with the possibility of a temporarily reduced workforce.

We’ve always been big fans of the flexibility and potential uses technology offers for working from home or virtual office for both companies and employees, and during times like these, it certainly comes into its own and really earns its virtual Boy Scout Survival Badge.

Having operated using this model ourselves for the last 17+ years, we’ve amassed a catalogue of invaluable tips, tricks and tools along the way to make working as a team, wherever you are, a seamless and effective proposition.

So, to help you “Carry on Working” we’ve put together our favourite tips to help you successfully navigate your way through the current health and economic situation, without compromising on the great customer service your clients and customers have become accustomed to.

TIP 1.

Use Office 365 to take your office with you on all of your devices.

You never know how quickly circumstances can change so Office 365 enables you and your team to access your email and files, wherever you find yourself working from.
Office 365 ‘Teams’ also allows you to chat face to face through video conferencing, both individually and in teams, all entirely independent of device and location.

It’s also great for chatting to clients and customers, without them having to download anything or having Office 365 themselves. Simply email them a link and start that business building conversation.

Find out more about Office 365 HERE.

TIP 2.

Use automation to ease the pressure on human resources whilst improving customer service and response times 24/7.

Automation provides the round the clock service clients and customers love, and as we all know, FIRST RESPONDERS WIN MORE BUSINESS!

Developed specifically for the property industry, integrated tools such as LeadPro automatically responds to website and portal enquiries, even while you’re sleeping, so potential new business never needs to slip through the net again.

Integrating Fixflo into your website provides tenants with a fast and efficient way to report repair and maintenance issues at any time, day or night whilst simultaneously prioritising needs and reducing the burden on your staff. It can even offer quick-fix solutions that may negate the need for a call out.

Find out more about LeadPro HERE.

Find out more about Fixflo HERE.

Tip 3:

Use technology to be ‘virtually’ anywhere.

Virtual Reality / 360° Tours and Remote Viewings save unnecessary visits for your staff, clients and customers. This technology is already being used by dozens of our clients to show unlimited people around unlimited properties, without having to leave their home, office or wherever they may be.

Plus, they’re incredibly simple and easy to create! 

Combined with video calls such as Office 365 ‘Teams’, FaceTime or Skype, you can now offer clients, customers and staff the option of not having to come to your office or you going to their home, without losing that personal touch.

Watch our very own Mike create a VR/360° tour HERE

Tip 4:

The New Resource – Outsourcing

It’s not possible to be available 100% of the time, no matter how hard we all try.

To help us at times of high need, we outsource our Web Chat and call handling to Moneypenny. This awesome outsourced service enables us to literally scale up or down by the minute! With the experience of working with more than 1,000 estate agents as clients, they could be an invaluable add-on to your business.

Viewber is another great option for agents to lean on during busy times. Should either you or your staff be forced to work from home, and unable to attend viewings, Viewber provides a terrific outsourced service that can also include running open houses, taking still photographs and creating 360° Tours, floorplans and 3D Dollshouses.

Find out more about Moneypenny HERE.

Find out more about Viewber HERE.

Tip 5:

Keep calm and ‘Carry on Working’!

Virtual working, combined with great tech, lets you do more with less and is being embraced by agents planning to be part of the fast-evolving technology-driven property industry.
By integrating PropTech into your current and ongoing business investment plans, you are creating a pandemic resistant model, changing your financial footprint and may even be providing a blueprint for a new way of working for the future.

Both our team and our partners are here and ready to help you keep your agency open for business, whether in person or virtually and are happy to pop up on a screen near you!

If you have any concerns, or just want some help to know you have everything in place give us a call or drop us a line.

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