First Responders Win More Business

With NO fees at all you never need to keep potential customers waiting again.

Working with our partners’ at LeadPro, lead nurturing comes as standard with your site.

How LeadPro Works

  • Your site visitor requests information on a property on your site.
  • LeadPro receives this email and within seconds replies with your branded email, thanking them for requesting the details and asking a few simple qualification questions.
  • Your new prospect replies to the questions. This lead is forwarded onto your inbox.
  • You turn up in the morning to an inbox full of leads that have been pre-qualified, are happy that you have replied so quickly, and are ready to be contacted with the information they have requested.
  • You’ve just secured a viewing or valuation!
  • 70% of prospects qualify themselves in minutes so your inbox is full of self-prioritised opportunities, not work.

    Want to be able to offer the same service on your portal enquiries? No problem! For a small fee you can extend this service to your portal leads and even use SMS for added engagement.

    LeadPro gives your portal prospects a branded kiss in seconds:


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