The first person to reply to an enquiry sets the standard by which all others are judged. We can help you make sure that it’s YOUR business that sets the bar high.

But how?

Two things we should all know by now:

  • The majority of movers don’t want to pick up the phone or talk to you face to face. They want to talk to you online and at a time that suits them.
  • The peak times for portal registrations and enquiries are from 9pm onwards during the week. just when you are sipping your cocoa and winding down, ready for bed.

So unless you are willing to sit up all night looking at your inbox, you’re not going to be responding until the next day at the earliest and in almost one-third of cases, not at all!

Snooze and you lose………….

The incredible success of the new corporate online agents can be partially attributed to the fact that they completely get the way we now use the internet for everything we do and have made sure that they are responding and interacting with potential clients and customers online 24/7.

So why aren’t our independent estate agents doing the same?

Finances? Technology? Human Resources?

Maybe, once-upon-a-time but certainly not now, as we can now provide you with the 24/7 responses that today’s movers want absolutely FREE with LeadPro.

Don’t be a dismal statistic.

Figures quoted by Rightmove and EA Masters suggest that 40% of email enquiries are ignored and agents fail to respond to 70% of valuation request within 24 hours.

Even more worryingly, the average response time to enquiries is a dire 48 hours and having tested this myself, only 1 agent replied to my portal request within 48 hours, 1 took 4 DAYS and 1 never replied at all.

2 of my requests were for the same property on with 2 agents, so you can guess which agent I would have picked!

LeadPro eradicates this issue completely by:

  • Responding to all portal enquiries in just a matter of seconds.
  • Provides enquirers with a simple qualification questionnaire.
  • Supplies agents with qualified leads straight back to their inboxes.

 Plus all responses and questionnaires are customisable to your own unique brand and requirements.

Never want to let a potential new client or customer slip through your net again?

Become a first responder by talking to us today or filling in our online form HERE.