360° Visualisation example

Nirvana for new homes developers is, of course, being able to sell off-plan. For agents working with them, having a way to help them do this is an invaluable tool in their marketing armory, helping them secure more instructions and more viewings.

Our 360° virtual technology partner, immoviewer, has the perfect solution. They’ve taken their expertise in creating virtual models of existing homes and applied it to creating virtual models of homes yet to be built.  It’s quick, simple and all they need to create them is a floor plan.

That means there’s no need to wait for a physical show home to be built, as the listing agent it gives you something that you can virtually walk people around, long before even a single brick is laid.

Bespoke 360° Visualisations can be created to your, or the developer’s specification, or they can be created from any of 3 different templated furnishing styles (Luxury, Modern and Scandinavian).

The visualisations are stunning and the attention to detail is immense. When in a virtual show home, it really feels as though you are walking around a real home, even down to the light coming through the window.

Maximising all opportunities to increase listings and conduct viewings safely is a must. This fantastic technology delivers high-quality visualisations quickly and easily, increases the opportunity to sell off-plan and reduces wasted viewings. 

Win-win for agents and developers.

Steve Ryan – National Sales & Accounts Manager, The Property Jungle. 
As the UK’s representative of immoviewer, market leading 360° virtual tours/visualisation technology, we’ve helped clients produce over 10,000 virtual tours (and counting).

Want to know more? View examples of visualisations and find out more here, or call Steve on 0208 050 8822 for more information.