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What's New this Spring in Property Websites?

Posted on Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is in the air and changes are not only afoot in the garden, new seeds of change are sprouting in the online world too.

From the 21st April this year, Google will be introducing its new mobile friendly search engine policy, that could effectively pull the rug out from many business, as it will actively prioritise websites that provide visitors with the best possible user experience on mobile devices.

Googles own data analyses has shown that currently, a massive 77% of browsers access the web via mobile devices and as that amount is continuously growing, they’ve understandably chosen to prioritise the majority of internet users and will effectively down grade non-mobile friendly websites in their search results, in order to give their customers an improved online experience.

Frustratingly but understandably, Google has prioritized providing its own customers with a great online experience over the vast amount of hard work you’ve put into your SEO and page ranking. For many, this could seriously impact their businesses but as problematic as it may be, ultimately don’t we all want the fastest and the best website experience possible when we search for something online too?

Not only have Google specified mobile friendly sites as their search engines prefered choice, they've also voiced a preference towards Responsive Web Design (RWD) as the desired method of website design. As RWD sites use only one URL (website address), they are easier and faster than a desktop/mobile combination for search engines to identify and load and are therefore the first choice for web crawlers and also provide visitors with an outstanding user experience. Virtually all of our new builds have been RWD over the last year, which has effectively future proofed their online visibility and after Googles announcement, there are no doubt some very happy and relieved owners. Is it time you joined them?

Does your website tick the box?

Keeping website visitors engaged.

It’s been well documented that schools sell houses and being in the right catchment area is high on many people’s priorities when it comes to moving home. Here at The Property Jungle, we can add schools data to your website, including OFSTED reports without you needing to lift a finger, along with amenity data covering healthcare, train stations and council tax bands.

What a simple and effortless way to make sure you provide your visitors with everything they want, all in one place and without the risk of them searching elsewhere and landing on one of your competitors websites. As we all know, attracting website visitors is only half the battle. Keeping them there and giving them a reason to both remember you and want to call again is another.

Your website may be a visitor's first impression of your business. Making sure yours stands out by updating regularly and providing visitors with all the information they want, including interactive tools to engage them can make a huge difference as to how long potential clients or customers stay on your website and whether they return or not.

Get me there on time!

One of our newest website enhancements (and already proving to be one of the most popular interactive tools with website visitors) is Travel Time Search.

Cutting down travelling time to and from work or living closer to family or amenities is a big reason behind many moves and although the majority of website search functions produce results within a specified distance, travel time isn’t a defining search criteria. There aren’t many of us who haven’t been stuck in traffic on a Monday morning and taken over an hour to travel what would take us half an hour on a Sunday morning, so we know that distance and travel time can vary enormously and measuring miles is not an accurate way of getting your customers to work on time.

Travel Time Searches measure journey time and allows users to search for properties within their chosen criteria, taking into account variables such as road speeds and average traffic volumes for the time of day and effectively help your visitors find their perfect new home faster.

Why not try Travel TIme out for yourself at Country Properties or Lawrence Rand Estate Agents?

If you require any further information regarding Googles new changes or our great new Travel Time Search enhancement, please call us for free on 0808 1800 178 or email info@thepropertyjungle.com.



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