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What Do Men Want?

Posted on Monday, July 14, 2014


Although an Englishman may dream that his home is his castle, it’s a universal and fundamental desire in all humans to have somewhere safe and secure to sleep eat and relax.

It’s hard not to stereotype but quite often, what women and what men want from a home can vary quite dramatically. Women may look at a potential property as somewhere to gather her brood, entertain friends and family and create a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment. Men share many of these desires but at a deep rooted level, they want their castle, their cave. Somewhere to retreat, relax and unwind from the daily grind.

Marketing to engage both genders can be overlooked and as women quite often have the casting vote (you know it’s true boys!) more emphasis is regularly put on the aesthetics and decor than what pushes mens buttons.

You will have seen the pained face of indifference a thousand times.

How many times have you seen a woman swooning over the array of vanity units in a bathroom, potential home to her 101 bottles of lotions and potions, whilst he just want to know if it's a powershower.

Be honest guys, you know you like an easy life and with even more effort required to obtain a mortgage these days, something has to be pretty awesome to make you really want it! That or just plain and simply easy.

You can't always give your male buyers the castle of their dreams so give them the stress free option instead.

Men like everything in one place and that place is right in front of their eyes so make sure they know they don’t have to hunt around for information by reminding them that everything they need is on your website. With amenity data and local information on your site, they could discover they can have an extra ten more minutes in bed on a Monday morning (we all know how important that is for both men and women alike) and see how quick it is to the train station and other transport links. Information on local schools, doctors, dentist, plus a must have for DIY and sport enthusiasts (and one of their favourite Sunday night hangouts) A&E is all there in one place, ready to access at the click of a button.

Men also love floorplans. They get quite weak at the knees at the sight of them and have an urge to strap on a tool belt. Remind them that they can print extra copies from your website.

As any mother, wife, girlfriend or even female colleague will agree, for the majority of men, if something doesn’t jump out and say “Yoohoo!” (a common issue with socks and pens we find), it isn’t there or doesn’t exist, so giving male buyers something more than the possibility of having the inlaws round to dinner is crucial to enthuse them and sell them the idea of living in your area.

By giving men everything in one easy to use package, one click, one website, removing the urge to browse elsewhere is simple. 

Men are creatures of habit so by making your website their new local orcacle, you will keep them coming back to you for this move and the next....  

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