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Start 2016 with your best website EVER!

Posted on Friday, August 14, 2015

The New Year is just over 4 months away so wouldn't it be great to start 2016 with a brand new website your vendors would be proud to have their properties seen on?

We've got lots of fabulous ways to make your website not only look amazing, we can also help it attract search engines and keep buyers coming back for more.

Desktop and mobile combinations are rarely used nowadays and it's fair to say, some of our team can't quite remember the last time they built one was as all of our recent builds have been RWD since Google introduced their mobile friendly criteria earlier in the year.

In fact, we were the first property website developer in the UK to start building them so we're pretty darn good at it now.

Why RWD? We're now a mobile world and even when we're at home, relaxing on the sofa, we tend to use our mobile devices to browse the internet. Adapting website design to be more accessible and function effectively on all shapes and sizes of devices has therefore become necessary.

With responsive design, your website moulds itself to the device it’s being viewed on, rather than the traditional method of the device trying to view the site through a fixed window.

This new way of designing websites ensures that there is no loss of function or visibility for users and that one website works on all devices and is completely mobile friendly. No need for mobile websites or Apps, less maintenance and an all-round better user experience.


Another great bonus is that Google loves RWD and will actively pick a responsive website over a desktop or mobile one in its search results so why wouldn’t you want to go RWD for your next new website? We certainly can’t think of a reason.

Another fantastic new addition is TravelTime.

We don't think about miles when we talk about how long it would take to get to work, school or anywhere else for that matter. We think in time. "We'll get there in half an hour", "I'll need to leave at 7.30 to get there by 8.45" for example, so TravelTime works out how much time it will take to travel a set distance to a destination in relation to a property.

TravelTime also takes into account variables such as day of the week, time of day and speed restrictions and gives buyers a much more accurate way of searching for their next new home. After all who ever travelled as the crow flies?

Using this method of property search can also increase a buyer’s catchment area by as much as 50% and increase your chance of a sale enormously.

This great tool has helped some businesses increase their conversion rate by a massive 300% and it set to become the only way to search for property in the future. Adding TravelTIme to your property search tool kit is quite simply a 'no brainer'.

See it in action at Goodman and Lilley.

Another exciting enhancement is Infinite Scroll.

Looking at properties on mobile devices can be annoying as you continually have to click in and out of pages but with Infinite Scroll, you only need to carry on scrolling down the page and new properties will continue to load, until you finally run out.

Infinite Scroll provides the best possible user experience for tablet and smartphone users and we predict that it won't be long before it becomes an expected feature of online property searchers.










Try it for yourself at Target Property Services and make sure you add it to your website wish list today.

We hope this has given you some ideas for your next new website but do feel free to call us and find out more on 0808 1800 178 or email us at info@thepropertyjungle.com


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