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Building Value & Function into Your Website

Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Building value and functionality into your website is what makes the difference between a cake shop window display and a warm and inviting cafe where you can sit down and enjoy eating a yummy cake with a nice warm cup of coffee and maybe read an interesting magazine while you're at it.

You will remember the enjoyable experience of the cafe and cake but simply slipping a cake into a bag and eating it at your desk or whilst at home watching tv is instantly forgettable.

Adapting to changing consumer demands is vital for business survival as we now expect that cafe experience from our online shops and businesses. Just offering a cake in a bag is no longer sufficient to keep customers coming back.

When we are thinking about designing and planning our websites, the most common mistake is to build around ego and the idea that it is a place to show off how big and how successful we are. The most important factor to build in is function and value for our customers. We need to provide everything that they would expect to receive if they walked in through our high street doors. Users will keep coming back if we give them a reason too. 

Perhaps half a dozen potential customers came through your door today but triple that or more visited your website so creating a site that offers the same level of service you would at your shop or office is crucial. Providing interactive enhancements and current new content is simple and easier to do than you may think and we can help you.

Think of your website as a team member. You wouldn’t expect him or her to ignore a customer, not provide information or even worse, provide out of date information. It would be like being given cold coffee, an old newspaper and a piece of stale cake but surprisingly enough, it is a common occurrence.

There can never be a substitute for human interaction and industry knowledge. However, utilising your assets to your best advantage needs to be addressed as the consumer buy line has shifted. Investing in the areas that will provide greater results is cost effective and your website is a key sales component of your business. A “head in the sand” and “out of sight, out of mind” mentality leaves the door open for other businesses to capitalise on our failings.

It is always worth remembering that although you may not look at your website everyday or even from one week to the next, you can be sure plenty of potential customers do.

Talk to us about giving your clients a 24/7 service you can be proud of.




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