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Prioritising Your Website - Converting Browsers Into Clients

Posted on Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why Invest In Your Website?

Not treating your website as a priority could be costing you vendors, buyers and tenants.

As the saying goes “All roads lead to Rome” and regardless of where your potential vendor or buyer starts their journey, ultimately they will eventually arrive at your website. Their opinion as to your professional ability to provide a service worthy of one of the biggest life decisions they ever make, will be forged from that initial impression.

As you lock the door and leave your office at the end of the day, the reality is that you aren’t closing your office at all. The majority of your clients and buyers are browsing through your online office between 7pm to 9pm and from 12.30pm onwards throughout the weekend. You are also getting peek visitors during lunch breaks and if you had as many office visitor between 1pm and 2pm during the week as logged on to your website, your walls would be bulging and your books bursting at the seams with listings.

Undervaluing your 24/7 online office and allowing it to fall into disrepair could mean the difference between internet browsers becoming actual vendors and buyers instead of just fleeting visitors. Can you afford to let either slip through the net?

Both buying and selling cycles follow a similar path, from need being recognised through to sale or purchase, with more and more emphasis spent on researching, viewing and assessing online. Word of mouth recommendations still play a small part in the decision making process, however the majority of buyers and sellers base their choices on online reviews and website content. Before a vendor picks up the phone, you can be pretty sure that they have visited your website and your competitors several times before hopefully choosing your agency. 

Sellers are incredibly hard to attract and although you may have a waiting list as long as your arm of buyers, you can’t make sales with an empty property portfolio. Vendors will view many websites before choosing the one they feel will invest the most time and effort into their property. They are looking for obvious signs that you mean business, be it providing interactive search options to Ofsted reports, listing local amenities to letting them know how much experience your staff have.

Your website needs to assure potential vendors that you have all the business tools available to professionally market their property effectively.

When considering investment in your website, think of it in a footfall perspective.

  • How many people came into your office today and how many people visited your website?
  • Would you be embarrassed if someone came in to your office and you couldn’t give them any information about the local area or a property they were interested in?
  • Would you give them an out of date local information brochure to take home?
  • Would you make them wait for ages while you scrambled around looking for property details?  

We don’t think so!

Ensuring your websites and social media sites are both up to date, have the best search options and readily available local information to hand, will ensure your audience stays with your brand and doesn’t move on to a more engaging, user friendly option.

In this anonymous age of internet shopping and browsing, audience loyalty is a transient affair and without giving your site users a reason to stay, the brutal fact is THEY WON'T!

Try to make a habit of regularly looking at your own websites and social media pages and then compare them to successful competitors. If you were looking for a company to entrust with your largest and most valuable asset, who would you choose?

Investing in property portals like Zoopla and Rightmove without maintaining your website is a crucial error many estate agents make. Buyers and those all important vendors will still visit your website via information collected from these sites and will quickly move on to the next agent if your site doesn’t instantly tick all of their boxes.

Bear in mind your own internet browsing habits. Do you stay on a site that gives little or no information or do you quickly move on to the next site that can more readily answers your questions?

Redressing the balance is as simple as picking up the phone.

We have the solutions and the  expertise so make your website a priority and call us today on 0808 1800 178



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