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Make the most of your testimonials.

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2015

If you haven’t added a testimonial page to your website, it’s definitely worth considering.

Testimonial pages are one of the most visited pages on websites and can add a great deal of credibility and a feel good factor to your business.

To maximise the positive effect and add further validity to testimonials, it’s a good idea to include images whenever possible.

People love people and are naturally drawn to images of them. Obviously not all buyers or vendors will be happy to pose for the camera so why not add a picture of yourself sticking the a sold sign over their 'For Sale' board or of you opening the door to the sold property as if you’re letting in the new owners?

You could also add pictures of ‘thank you’ cards or gifts you may have been given, to bring some colour and interest to the page.

Creating a news article rather than just a few lines can really make your testimonials stand out and be remembered by your website visitors.

You can add and update them easily yourself using our content management system and it’s also a great way of adding fresh content to your website, which search engines LOVE!

Why not add links on Facebook to your new testimonials and drive more traffic to your website. By adding images to each testimonial, your links will bring up the image and encourage readers to click on the link to see more and be taken straight to your website.

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