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Is Your Browser Past It's Expiration Date?

Is Your Browser Past It's Expiration Date?

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is Your Web Browser Past Its Expiration Date?

Many of us forget what exactly a browser does and if we really thought about it, would we still be so casual and complacent about upgrading?

Your browser is a 2-WAY PORTAL that not only gives YOU access to the Web, it also gives the Web access to YOU, YOUR COMPUTER AND YOUR BUSINESS.

Web Browser Technology develops at a meteoric rate and too often we find clients don’t upgrade to new versions. Browser upgrades are FREE, give you greater security, greater functionality and enhanced user experience.

Why take 2 hours and 3 buses to get to your destination when you have a completely free, chauffeur driven limousine with a personal bodyguard on your driveway, that could get you there in 20 minutes?

Updating your browser is a simple 5 minute job and best of all IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!!

An increasing amount of website developers are withdrawing support for Internet Explorer 7 which was brought out in 2006 as the cost of maintenance and support exceeds financial viability. Website visitors using this out of date technology can find themselves frustrated and incapable of performing fast and effective functions and are also at an increased security risk.

We need to ask ourselves:

  • What effect would a breach of online security have on our business?

  • How would a security breach affect our clients?

  • What are our legal obligations regarding our client data?

  • Are our employees inadvertently putting our company at risk by using outdated browsers?

Leaving it until a system is breached or fails is a risk too many businesses take and putting it in monetary terms, could your company carry the financial burden of losing your computer system? Seems like madness to us considering it is free to upgrade.

Business owners have 2 simple choices:

  • Loose Functionality and Compromise Security.
  • Upgrade.

One US company, Nursingjobs.us have realised the implications and tired of trying to get clients to upgrade their browsers have now taken extreme measures to avoid a system compromise and spiraling maintenance and support costs. Giving clients still running on IE7 new PC’s as a cheaper, safer and more functional alternative is evidence of just how seriously they have taken it.

We have to raise our hats to these guys for taking on board the importance of keeping this crucial element of their IT system up to date and taking such a novel and highly effective approach to solving the problem.

We have produced this information purely for our clients' benefit as we believe your online security and functionality is important.

We don’t sell browsers. They are free and regularly updated.

Still scratching your head? Try going to https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ and check which browser you are using and see if you need a free upgrade.

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