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Anyone Can Build A Website...

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anyone can build a website. The internet is littered with both amatuer and professional attempts, which range from the very basic to the “cor blimey, what were they thinking”! Even the less technically orientated of us have been tempted to have a go at some time or another.

However, building one specific to your business and industry and one that works for you rather than against you, takes a whole lot more knowledge and experience.

After all, you wouldn’t expect Lewis Hamilton to run his F1 Mercedes into his local garage would you? They would probably have a good go at tinkering but he wouldn’t be winning any races!

The same logic applies to building property websites. We know the property industry inside out. We don’t just build websites, we live and breathe all things property related.

Many of our talented and dedicated staff have come directly from estate agencies and those of you that use social media will know that we are totally committed to the industry. We listen to what is going on and get involved with what matters to our clients. We read your tweets and posts and let our clients know that we don’t just build their websites and then abandon them, we continue our client commitment and aftercare service with outstanding maintenance, support and advice.

How many website builders do that?

With such specialist and long standing experience, we like to think that we can provide the most comprehensive and professional service available to property professionals. Our clients know that they can ask us anything and 99% of the time, we will have the solution directly to hand. The other 1% of the time, we will know someone else who does.

Our close working relationships with the most reputable and influential software and technical solution providers gives us an infinite resource of additional knowledge, which we love to share with our clients.

This level of aftercare is not available without fully understanding the property industry and above all, the real people who work in it. 

Making our agents look good online and helping them succeed is what keeps our reputation GREAT!


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