Why Upgrade Your Website?

Just like with your phone, laptop, and other tech gadgets, website technology evolves rapidly, with functions and design developments improving user experience and site performance.

So, if your website is over 2 years old, it’s time to start planning your next upgrade now.

What’s new?

New interactive tools have made a significant difference to our agents’ leads and conversion rates.

Offering more ways to get a property valuation, including bold pop-ups throughout sites, as well as live chat tools both encourage interaction and collect valuable leads.

Newer websites load faster and provide more seamless navigation.

If you have a high bounce rate, this could be one of the causes as visitors are no longer prepared to wait for pages to load, and with so many agents competing for the same business, they could already be browsing another agent’s site before yours has even fully loaded.

Google loves modern faster loading sites that use the most up-to-date protocols.

Upgrading your website will help you provide the information it needs in the format it likes, and help you get found and ranked.

Online security is more important than ever and if your site is old, it is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

All of our sites come with SSL Security built-in, however, the more layers of protection you can build into your site the better.

Adding reCAPTCHA will also help protect your website from Spam and Bot attacks.

If you’re still just covering the basics on your website, it’s definitely time for an overhaul.

The more engaging content you can add to your website the better. It also gives you plenty of great stuff to share on social media and drives traffic to your site.

Meet the Team, Area Guides and Blog/News pages are a must-have on every site.

Fashions change as quickly as technology and let’s be honest, first impressions really do count.

If your site looks dated, visitors are naturally going to get the impression your services match.

A fresh new look is always a great boost to a website and lets visitors know that you’re on the ball, and proactive. Just the right impression you want to make.

If your website is now over 2 years old, get in touch to find out how affordable and simple we make upgrading.

Call us on 0208 050 8822, email info@thepropertyjungle.com or book a meeting with Steve here.