When your website looks OK, why bother getting a new one?

The simple answer is: It can make a big difference where it matters most, and significantly increase your conversion rates.

We recently took an analytical deep dive into a varied selection of new sites we’d built for existing customers, and compared their before and after performances, looking specifically at the difference a new site made to the agents’ valuation inquiries.

Our research showed that the number of visitors the new websites required to generate a valuation request dropped substantially, and if the volume of traffic remained constant, the number of valuations the site generated increased by 43%. 

For example: if a site typically has 10,000 website visitors per month, the average number of valuations generated would increase from 10 to 14 per month – potentially creating a significant increase in revenue from a seemingly small increase in inquiries over a 12-month period. 

So, even if your site looks OK, and you have what you think is an up-to-date and relatively modern website, it is always possible to make improvements that could help you generate more business.

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