There’s one generation that isn’t panicking in today’s uncertain times, and that’s ‘Boomers’.

Boomers have been there, got the T-shirt, and lived through every kind of market fluctuation and volatility going, and they know that no matter what happens to markets, necessary moves will continue. People divorce, people die, people breed and get together. Life goes on at a different pace but it always carries on.

Boomers can also remember 70’s 3-day weeks, the ‘Winter of Discontent’, and powercuts, including their subsequent baby booms, bounce-backs, and rapid growth.

That’s why they’re not hitting the panic button, and instead are using this quiet time to gear up not down, rejuvenate their marketing, and looking at ways to not just weather the storm, but ride it out on top.

So, no matter how uncertain the future looks, adopting the Boomers ‘can do, don’t moan, get on with it’ attitude can really help you thrive and survive.

How we can help you be more Boomer and make the most out of today’s property market.

Built by Boomers with decades of experience behind us, and an incredible team of Generations X and Z technical and creative web wizards, The Property Jungle has all the practical and technical know-how to help agents build an effective online presence that helps them attract and generate success.

With almost 3,000 property websites built, our team has helped clients through the worst and best of times, with many of them having been with us since long before the financial crisis and austerity, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Cutting the right cloth to fit your budget.

We all know that belts need to be tightened but which ones you tighten can make a huge difference to your success.

Your website certainly shouldn’t be one of them, however, spreading the cost makes sense and provides you with what you need now, without hurting your cash flow.

This is something we can help you with immediately with our ‘Site for Life’ plan.

We can also help you develop your existing website to make sure it’s the only place to go for movers in your area.

This can include adding new interactive tools, information pages, and Google favourites like Area Guides, News Articles, and Blogs.

So, why not book a chat about your website with our helpful and experienced team today, and start seeing the future in a more positive light.

Call us on 0208 050 8822, email or book a Zoom chat with our National Sales Director, Steve Ryan here.