New Home Builders and Developers know just how much you desperately want their projects on your books, so they can afford to be extremely picky and choosy. You just need to become totally irresistible to them.

Even the strongest negotiators know that when it comes to fulfilling the demands of residential clients, they can almost pale into insignificance in comparison to negotiating with a blue-chip procurement department looking for more bang for their buck.

They don’t just want to haggle over money, they want to know that you can provide them with the very best and most comprehensive service available, and one that will speed up the time from plans to cash in the bank.

Showing them that you can help them achieve this is a great way to strengthen your negotiating hand and make your estate agency a more irresistible sales and marketing partner.

Give them every reason to choose you with our fantastic New Homes Manager website add-on.

This incredible tool lets you set up individual new build developments on your website and display information such as availability, site plans, price lists, brochures, CGI’s, virtual tours, and more.

It’s like giving each development site its very own microsite and also helps agents manage each listing more efficiently.

Presented in a sleek and stylish design that makes displaying each development site in a user-friendly and visually appealing way a cinch, our agents who use this tool are certainly winning when it comes to signing up big new build contracts.

Accessible via your website cms, once set up, this powerful listing tool is super simple to manage, and at just £280 +vat to install, you can keep adding new developments as often as required.

When it comes to ROI, we think this fantastic instruction-winning new build marketing tool is a real winner.

Want to know more or see more examples of how our agents are using our New Homes Manager?

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