Both people and businesses across the country are having to make tough and difficult decisions at the moment, with estate agents feeling the squeeze more than ever before.

Fuel costs, heating, lighting, marketing, and general office overheads are all going up exponentially, and with market uncertainty adding further salt to the wounds, agents are looking more closely at what’s necessary for their businesses, and what offers the very best value for money.

Top of the pile of what’s absolutely necessary is of course Listings.

So next we need to look at the best sources of listings, how much they cost to attract, and whether or not agents are investing in the most effective source for their businesses.

To help you identify the most effective sources of leads and their conversion rates, we’ll give you a couple of clues…

Average Rates Compiled by LeadPro

Now, using your own figures, all you need to do is work out:

  • How much each lead source costs you per month
  • Your average cost per lead, per source
  • Quality of lead and conversion rate per source

We think you’ll soon discover which is the best source to focus your attention on, and if there are tough choices to be made, be sure you are making the right ones.

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