We may have traded in the silverware for Best Overall Supplier in the UK for an Exceptional Award at this year’s EA Masters but our client JD Gallagher’s fantastic Best Estate Agent Overall Winner Award more than made up for it. 

Having worked with John and Michelle Gallagher and their amazing team for the last 10 years, we were also over the moon to discover that part of the judging criteria included their website. 

This great news prompted us to take a look back and reflect on what an enjoyable and mutually beneficial experience it has been working so closely with John, Michelle, and their entire team of talented property experts, and how together we have created a website that is a masterclass in customer journey and lead capture. 

From the onset, building their current website was very much a joint collaboration. Michelle and the super talented Josh came to us with creative and well-defined concepts, and along with input from their entire team (all under the watchful eye of John, who helped keep everyone focused on the real objective – to win more business), our job was to then transform their dream website into a fully functioning and effective reality. 

Success most definitely doesn’t happen by accident, and the amount of planning and work put into this site speaks volumes about team JDG’s drive for perfection in everything they do. 

As you will see from their website, every page has been meticulously thought-out and planned, right down to the finest of detail, and visitors are lead effortlessly around a plethora of calls-to-action via a comprehensive selection of interactive tools, engaging content and information – making it almost impossible for users to leave the site without succumbing to at least one lead-generating sign-up, registration or valuation request.  

When it comes to sticky sites, this one is 100% “Gorilla”! 

As website builders, we look at sites all day every day but even we get caught up in the journey when we visit this site. 

JDG’s website is also a perpetual work in progress and is constantly being added to, tweaked, and modified.  

Many agents fall into the trap of thinking that once a website has been built, that’s it. However, much like a home, websites need maintenance, updating, and modifying to accommodate users and changing needs. Thankfully, this is something that JDG has always understood, and many new features have been added over the years. 

Simple things like providing three different ways to value your property and being able to book a viewing late at night online makes a huge difference to a user’s experience, and are some of the many reasons JDG’s website is such a powerful listings tool. 

Our takeaway message from JDG’s website is: the more you put into your website, the more it will pay you back with the results you need.  

Visit it yourself and see how long it is before you can tear yourself away…