Property Websites for Estate Agents

You know you need to upgrade your website but 2 big things are stopping you; Cost and all the extra hassle it involves.

As always, The Property Jungle has created a solution to get you the website your business needs, in a cost-effective way that will help you stay up-to-date with the latest property website technology.

Pay Monthly

Just like a mobile phone package where you pay a monthly tariff over 24 months, get a mobile device as part of the deal, and then get to upgrade your device if you decide to stay with your provider, our ‘Site for Life’ plan provides you with a new website as part of your package and you can then upgrade after 24 months and carry on paying a monthly fee.


  • No initial outlay or deposit
  • Spread the cost of your website over 24 months
  • Keeps your website up-to-date and working hard for you

Hassle-Free Upgrades

We make upgrading to a new template website incredibly simple and straightforward, just like switching to a new mobile device where you just put your SIM card in and go.

Once you have chosen your new design from our fantastic range of template designs, our developers package up all of your brand assets and content from your existing site and then pop it straight into your new one, whilst making any modifications required to ensure it fits seamlessly into your new design.

We can also add new content and tools, and get everything ready and working perfectly for when you are ready to ‘Go Live’ with your fabulous new site.


  • Fast turn around
  • Less time-consuming and hassle for you and your team
  • Seamless transition with no downtime

Ready to find out more?

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