When there are shareholders and dividends to pay, will schools, charities and important local causes lose out if Independent Estate and Letting Agents lose the battle against the large corporates?

Our independent agents do an amazing amount of work within their communities and you would be hard pushed to find a school fete, village show, hospice or event that hasn’t been sponsored or benefited from the fundraising efforts of their local agent.

This summer, agents have been as busy as ever, plowing their meager profits back into the things that matter to the people they serve.

If you have children or have enjoyed or benefited in any way from the community support and sponsorship your local independent agent has provided, let it count when you choose an estate agent.

They also support a great many local businesses and actively promote them on social media. Just a quick look on Facebook and Twitter will show you how much time and effort they put into promoting their area’s businesses, attractions and events. If you want to find somewhere great to eat, take the kids or know what’s on in your area, just follow your local agent’s social media pages.

If we lose our local independents to the corporate machines, we will lose so much more than just an estate agent.

When they’re gone, they’re gone, so return the favour and show them the support they show your community – or face losing them forever.

Bear in mind, it’s very doubtful that any big corporate agency will help fundraise for your kid’s school or do a tough mudder to save your hospice.

No, they’ll be too busy paying shareholders and their top brass’ mega salaries.

Many local independent agents have already been pushed out of the high street by high business rates and rents (yes, they suffer from them too) and have adopted an online model, so don’t forget to include them as ‘local’ when you are looking for an agent.

There’s a good chance they live and work just down the road and take their kids to the same school as yours but work from an office at home.

So, if you want to support your community and not a corporate fat cat’s slush fund, choose your local independent estate or letting agent for your next move.