They’re also fantastic motivational tools for your team.

There’s nothing like a collection of glowing customer reviews to give potential clients and customers confidence in your professionalism and expertise, but they also have a great impact on staff morale too.

In any profession, there are days that make you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall. Staying motivated when you feel like this can be extremely hard. However, inviting your satisfied customers to pop a testimonial on to a review site can really help to pick up your spirits and provide great jobs satisfaction.

It helps you to feel valued and that you are doing a great job. That in itself can inspire even greater performance and reaffirm self-belief and confidence in your own ability. Something that everyone could do with once in a while. Even the most exuberant characters need to know that they aren’t wasting their efforts every now and again.

We recommend that you add a testimonial page to your website as a constant reminder to both visitors and your team that you are doing a great job. Don’t forget to make sure individual staff members who have provided great customer satisfaction get a pat on the back and the recognition they deserve.

Review sites are also a great way to really ramp up the positive effects of reviews and we recommend TRUSTist as our first choice. Not only do they provide a great way for customers to add their reviews (just add a widget to your website or a link to your page on your emails), they also import your reviews from other sites on the internet and can increase your Google stars and ranking.

Ask us about adding a TRUSTist widget to your website and see the stars start mounting up.

We love reading our customers’ fantastic reviews. Why not check some of ours out on TRUSTist HERE or on our testimonial page on our website too.

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