Thinking up fresh new blog ideas can be hard work.

How many hours have you sat scratching your head, wasting valuable time away from work or family, only to have nothing to show for it?

Many estate agents start off blogging with great enthusiasm, only to find that a few months down the road, they’ve run out of ideas and new ways to say pretty much the same thing.

So why not invite your local community to write them for you?

Offering a prize or donation to a local cause or charity in return could be a great way to get those articles flooding in.

£50-£100 for each winning article you select for publication may turn into money well spent and for many reasons:

  1.  Charities can use your blog page to highlight local issues and events and earn funds in the process.
  2.  Articles rich in location friendly content are big favourites with search engines.
  3.  Everyone loves to win a prize and each winning article provides a great publicity opportunity.
  4.  Your blog page is always fresh and interesting and Google loves websites that provide lots of new content.
  5.  Articles are more likely to be shared by winners, as well as their friends and families and increase your audience.
  6.  A professional blogger can cost you far more and not be interesting or relevant to your community.
  7.  You get to spend more time doing what you do best, selling and letting property.
  8.  And most importantly, you are giving back to your community at the same time.

Why not invite your community to send in articles based on local history, interesting places and landmarks to visit, clubs, charities and events? This could also be a great place for new movers to the area to find out what’s going on locally.

Maybe a local school needs new equipment so you could ask the children to write a few words on why they need it and draw some pictures to go with them, then give a donation to the school? That’s a lot of parents who’ll want to visit your website to see their children’s work!

It’s worth remembering, not every article on your blog page needs to be about property. If it was, it would be a pretty boring read.

Try giving your local community a voice and see what a great read your blog page can become.