Almost every day, we talk to estate agents who have been approached by competitors offering FREE websites, but when the details are examined, they are anything but free.

It’s the same trick the mobile phone companies played for years. You pay nothing upfront but get locked in for 2 years, pay a higher monthly fee and they hope you will forget to change when the 2 years is up.

At The Property Jungle, we don’t offer FREE websites. We offer REAL FREEDOM and at an even lower cost than “FREE” website deals.

Here’s the real maths, based on the average free website quote, versus a comparable site and duration period with us:

FREE Basic Template Website

Website Build – Cost £0

License Fees £150 per month

3 Year Cost £5,400

No flexibility or changes allowed to the template.

Payment in full for any remaining contract duration period must be made to terminate the contract early.

The Property Jungle Quality Assured Template Site

Website Build – Cost £1,995

License Fees £70 per month

3 Year Cost £4,515

Changes can be made to sites at any time during their life.

Includes FREE HTTPS SSL Security, Performance Dashboard & GDPR compliance.

Only 30 day notice period

So already, FREE has cost £855 more than a template from us, but that’s only the start of it.

If you have 2 branches it would have cost £3,735 more. £6,615 more for 3 branches!

So-called FREE templates can in reality cost twice as much or even more than a template built by The Property Jungle.

If you are considering taking advantage of a FREE website offer, please check the small print and make sure you won’t be paying through the nose in the long run. Don’t forget to ask us for a comparable quote too.

We also understand that sometimes finding the cash upfront for a new website can be difficult so we offer fixed Monthly Payment Plans to spread the costs and make them cash flow friendly.

If you’ve received an offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is,  so get in touch with us before you make a costly decision that you could be stuck with for many years.