Image of Baby and Dog in a house

A growing family is often a great incentive to move, but many pet owners are just as keen to move for their four-legged family members, with dog owners especially keen to find properties that offer great walks, good vets and pet-friendly pubs and activities. 

Make sure you include them in your marketing strategies and add plenty of information for them in your area guides.

You already include schools, health and transport information, so why not add a section especially for pet owners?

Reach out to your local pet-owning community on your social media pages and ask them for their recommendations. 

Compile a list of:

  • Local vets
  • Great places to walk in both summer and winter (less mud is always a plus for dog owners)
  • Pet-friendly pubs and cafes 
  • Local dog walkers
  • Boarding kennels
  • Animal trainers
  • Other places where four-legged family members are welcome

You could also include this information in your welcome pack for new movers to your area.

This is also a great way to start a conversation with your local community, as anyone who has ever posted a pet story will know. They always get a great response! 

Have fun getting to know your community better and making more four-legged friends.