Everyone from power suppliers to website providers and even your local gym does it (even though in many cases it is illegal), but there really is no technical reason why you should ever be locked into a long or even short-term service contract.

Some companies may provide you with material goods like smartphones or satellite dishes but if you are being provided with a user only service, we can’t think of any valid reason why you should be tied down, and in many cases, for several years at a time.

After all, you wouldn’t expect a restaurant to lock its customers in and insist they only eat there for 2 years. However, you would happily return, time after time, and even recommend it to your friends, if the food was great and the service was fantastic.

Lock-In Contracts are not a practice we believe in.

We prefer to judge our performance on the clients we retain,

NOT because we have them locked into a contract, but because they are happy with our service.

Many of our clients have been with us since we first opened our virtual doors, and with over 1,600 property websites under our belt, we’re pleased to say, we’ve done it without ever tying our clients down.

Once we have built a website, it belongs to the client.

  Our clients are free to keep their websites on our fantastic cloud servers and continue to enjoy our first class service, or they can move them elsewhere at any time. Of course, we occasionally see the odd agent wander off, to see if the grass is greener elsewhere but we always leave the door open for them to return and happily, they usually do.

Why not take a stroll through our fabulous portfolio and you will see a vast array of estate agents, from all across the UK, who have been with us year upon year.

Because we don’t lock in our clients, we know we always have to work harder and go the extra mile. Much like an estate agent earning a commission, if we don’t do our job well, there is always a competitor ready and waiting in the wings.

That’s why we believe that keeping an open door policy keeps us at the top of our game, avoids complacency and ensures a service we can be proud of.

Our clients tell us that they stay with us because they know that we don’t just build a website and then abandon them for the duration of a contract. We continue to support and assist them, throughout their time with us.

As well as our amazingly talented website developers, we have a fantastic technical support team to help our clients’ websites run like clockwork and provide a level of service that means our clients WANT to stay with us.

So if your website builder has tied you into a contract, maybe it’s time to ask yourself (or even them) WHY?

 If you haven’t experienced freedom of choice and a great website service yet, why not get in touch with us for a confidential chat with one of our friendly and helpful team today?