Sick of being bombarded with tech talk and want to be free to get on with what you do best?

It seems like every day, there is another ‘prop tech expert’ desperately trying to force feed technology down estate agents throats.

At The Property Jungle, we understand that the majority of estate agents didn’t get into the property industry out of a love of technology. We also understand that sometimes, agents just want to know what works and what doesn’t.

You want to know that your website will perform and which features will help your business the most. Not that the world will stop spinning if you don’t ‘totally get tech’.

Much like buying a new car, what goes on under the bonnet is down to the mechanic, or in our case, our web development team. You just need to know that it won’t let you down and will do what it’s designed to do.

Like any car, you know that the manufacturers will have tried and tested every part of it. Crashed it, smashed it and put it back together again. At The Property Jungle, we’ve built over 1,700 property websites and we’ve certainly put them through their paces too.

Our websites are designed to last and perform, grow with your business and be the hardest working member of your team, without you having to become a web tech boffin.

We work in plain English, with no tech talk and certainly no bamboozling, so our customers know that they are always in control and fully informed. Although most estate agents are more than happy to bypass tech, some agents love to know more and we are always very happy to go into what we do in greater depth, should they wish.

As specialist property website builders, we also take away a lot of the time-wasting and head-scratching during the build process, as well as throughout the site’s lifetime.

Our customers love that we have so much experience, we often know the solution before they’ve even worked out how to explain what they want or what the problem is.

Every new website we build is project managed from start to finish to save our customers’ time, as well as making the process simpler and a lot less stressful. Plus, our fantastic support and maintenance teams take care of them for their entire lives, with the same high level of dedication and care throughout.

Whether you want a new website built, need maintenance updates to your existing site, or want to ramp up your arsenal of online tools, we have all the tried and tested solutions you need.

Your website shouldn’t give you stress or hard work. It’s there to make your life easier and make your business run smoother and more effectively.

At The Property Jungle, we don’t think our customers should have to worry about website technology. It’s our job to make the problem go away, so our estate agents can get on with what they do best, selling and letting property.

Our business model was also built and designed by estate agents FOR estate agents, so we understand what they want and how to help them achieve it.

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