Coins and UK pin representing BREXIT negotiations

Not if their record on getting a good deal from their website providers is anything to go by!

For an industry that prides itself on its tenacious negotiating skills, many estate agents are falling woefully short when it comes to hammering out a good deal for their websites, and they’re certainly not practicing what they preach.

Agents know that PERFORMANCE, QUALITY and VALUE matter when it comes to their customer services, so why do they regularly accept significantly less from their own website providers?

  • Are they failing to read the small print and not doing the maths?
  • Do they fall for BREXIT Bus style sales tactics, or Project Fear type mongering?
  • Have they found themselves tied into a BAD DEAL and just don’t know how to get out?
  • Or maybe they just have money to burn?

Well, we know that the last one is certainly not true in today’s economic climate, yet we see agents wasting obscene amounts of money every single day, right at the time when tightening belts and reducing costs has never been more important.

Failure to shop around is one of the biggest stumbling blocks agents hit. They accept the first golden carrot offer, without seeking out alternative quotes and finding out if they could get more for money elsewhere. Would they do the same for their clients? Let’s hope not!

How will they ever know if they’re getting the best deal available unless they’ve asked us to show them a better one?

Agents also forget the golden rule in any contract – READ THE SMALL PRINT!

We’ve helped dozens of agents get out of crippling contracts that looked on the surface to be fantastic deals but ultimately ended up costing them dearly both financially and in quality of service.

A “FREE” or “Cheap as Chips” website is only a bargain if it doesn’t end up costing you twice as much in monthly fees, maintenance, support and added extra costs for basics such as HTTPS SSL Security.

If you are a lover of fast fashion over quality and substance, by all means, snap up that bargain website. It will no doubt last you just as long as your online reputation. Bear in mind however, FIRST IMPRESSIONS DO STILL MATTER!

IMPORTANT – That bargain website may also see you tied to 3-years of EXTORTIONATE FEES, (much longer than the average bargain website’s useable lifespan) by which time, you will have needed to either upgrade, pay through the nose for updates and maintenance or started from scratch again with another money pit contract.

Our best advice to agents looking for a new website provider is:

  • Check out our competitors – After all, when we show you the good stuff, we want you to have something to compare it to!
  • Take a good critical look at their work and not just the sites they want you to see (it’s amazing how many agents forget to do this).
  • Ask other agents about their experiences with them – and with us.
  • Get quotes and look at them in detail. What do they include and more importantly, what do they NOT! Hint, this is often where FREE/Bargain Basement equates to buying a car with no wheels or a steering wheel and you find yourself having to pay extra again and again to get the essentials you really need.
  • Check contract terms BEFORE YOU AGREE TO ANYTHING, especially duration times and make sure you will actually own the site once built? Don’t end up being in a situation where you can be held to ransom.
  • Call us! We can help you cut through the techie gobbledegook suppliers often use to bamboozle agents. 
  • Email us! We’ll give you an honest and transparent quote, without any browbeating.

At The Property Jungle, we’ve made a lifelong commitment to keeping our agents’ costs LOW and providing amazing QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and VALUE for money in everything we do.

That’s why we’re the UK’s most Trusted and Experienced Property Website Builders, and why we can help you get a much better deal than the politicians in parliament to appear to be capable of. 

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