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Video may have killed the radio star but it’s certainly making plenty of noise in the property industry.

So much so, we’re asked almost daily by agents, photographers and aerial drone photographers what the best format and practices are for creating eye-catching background videos to embed on websites. 

To make it simple, we’ve created a 3 step guide to creating the perfect background video for your website. 

1. Shh….. turn off the sound. 

We recommend removing all audio completely. Auto-playing background music or noise is irritating at best and plain annoying at worst. Removing audio also helps keep the file size down which helps speed up loading times, keeps search engines happy and more importantly, website visitors!

 Step 2. Good things come in small packages. Keep videos under 40 seconds long and end on the same frame for a seamless loop. A huge background video will also slow down your site and apart from frustratingly long loading times, search engines don’t like sites that take too long to load and you could see your ranking slip. We suggest you keep reducing the file size until it starts to visibly degrade in quality. Background video degradation can be hidden with overlays so a small amount is not an issue.  The maximum video size for export is 720p with a bitrate under 700kb/s. Ideally, we would recommend 500kb/s. 

3. Make sure your video is browser friendly To ensure your video is compatible with today’s modern browsers, we recommend exporting your video as an MP4 and WEBM. This will make your video accessible on all of the most popular browser for users on desktops, laptops and tablets. 

Important Note. Unfortunately, mobile devices do NOT play background videos.  This is a data saving design feature,  so you will also need a background image to sit in your video’s place for mobile users. Some browsers may not play a video either so this image will also automatically load for those users who can’t access it.  

We hope this simple guide helps you create the perfect online video experience for your website visitors, but please feel free to contact us for a chat about embedding video into your website or for further information and advice. 

Want to see a great example of background video while you’re here? 


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