Think you’re doing your business a favour by sharing Rightmove portal links to your properties? WRONG!

You are in fact doing your direct competitors a favour by providing your potential clients and customers with a direct link to their properties!

Did you know that Rightmove sharing links add a little extra to your listing that isn’t present on the page you think you are sharing?

When the link is clicked on or opened, it also provides a link, right at the top of the page, inviting viewers to see similar properties in YOUR area that fit their search criteria and NOT your other properties or company Rightmove page.

In every test we’ve done, this link brought up direct competitor’s properties.

Zoopla do add other agents listings, but right at the bottom of the page, long after they have added your companies details.

By far the best way to share properties is via direct links from YOUR website.

In most instances, you can copy and past the listings URL into Facebook and add images if necessary but the simplest and most efficient way to share across all social media platforms is via ‘SHARE’ buttons.

If you are one of our clients and haven’t already had them attached to your listings, let us know and we can do this for you.