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With estate agents being squeezed from all angles such as legislation, competition, market disruption etc., we have been looking for ways to help our clients generate extra revenue.

That’s why we’ve partnered with The Moving Hub to help agents start earning conveyancing fees faster and with absolutely no outlay or effort.

The Moving Hub is a provider of Conveyancing Services and is the only one that pays you, the introducer, commission at the start of a deal and not the end.

Even if the transaction falls through there is no clawback. So, instead of waiting until the end, and losing out on aborted transactions, the money is in your bank after just 15 days and if it subsequently falls through, you get to keep your commission!

When you decide to use the Moving Hub, we will embed a branded conveyancing quote calculator completely free of charge into your website.

Here is a simple example. so you can see how easy this is to use.

Moving Hub has a network of over 80 law firms, handles over 1,000 conveyances a month and delivers an exceptionally high quality of service.

When they are acting on a transaction, you are kept informed of all progress milestones and you can also log in to see all transactions as well as your own commission pipeline.

Plus, by having the quote engine embedded in your website you can earn a commission from people who you never do any business with. Site visitors can get a quote but never do anything with you.

They might like the quote but not your listings. They buy through someone else – you still get paid.

You can reverse engineer conveyancing referrals. 99% of agents refer when a deal is done. Instead, because the quote takes less than 30 seconds to prepare, your negotiators can offer one to literally every applicant at the beginning. Even if you then don’t do business with them they can still proceed and you still get paid.

Because the Quote Engine is in your site you can also link to it in any and all emails – thus increasing referrals and potential income.

Agents who are using this are making thousands of pounds a month from it, and in these somewhat difficult times, we can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to order your FREE quote engine TODAY!

Ready to order yours?

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