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Can LeadPro respond to emails enquiries from our website?
Yes and set-up is FREE for our website customers.

How much does it cost to connect LeadPro portals such as Rightmove?
Our website customers get a fantastic discount and pay only £39 per month per office to connect their accounts.

How do portal email enquiries work exactly?
When you turn on LeadPro you link it to your portal accounts, then instead of Rightmove emailing an applicant to you, you will instruct Rightmove to email applicants to a new LeadPro email address created specifically for you. LeadPro will then receive emails from Rightmove, LeadPro will send a fully branded email reply on your behalf with a link to a questionnaire to qualify the applicant and send the qualified applicant to you.

How many applicants qualify themselves by filling out the questionnaire?
60% to 70% of all applicants will fill out the qualification questionnaire.

How will I receive the leads?
Leads will be delivered straight into your inbox. LeadPro can also integrate with Jupix, Reapit and LetMC meaning leads can be fed straight to your CRM system for these providers.

How long does it take an applicant to fill out the questionnaire?
It takes on average less than 2 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.

What happens to the applicants that don’t fill out the questionnaire?
As soon as an applicant fills out the questionnaire the qualified lead is emailed to you. If an applicant does not fill out the questionnaire within 15 minutes of making the enquiry during office hours, you will be emailed the original unqualified applicant. If the applicant fills out the questionnaire later, you will receive a second email including the qualification information. Outside of office hours, we give the applicant 3 hours to fill out the questionnaire before sending the unqualified lead to your inbox, this reduces duplicate enquiries.

How many vendor leads will be identified by LeadPro and will it generate more market appraisals?
From 100 buyer enquiries, on average 16% will answer the questionnaire to say that they have a house to sell or must sell before they can buy.

Shouldn’t negotiators be asking the questions which are in the LeadPro questionnaire?
We’ve worked with over 700 branch managers and we’ve always found that LeadPro increases productivity. By having more information about an applicant (for example knowing they want mortgage advice, or they have a house to sell) it increases negotiators confidence to discuss and win new business. The extra information also helps negotiators build rapport over the phone.

What is the branding on the email reply to the applicant?
The applicant will receive an email with your agency’s branding.

How do the timings/duplication of the lead work?
The timescales for LeadPro enquiries are as follows:
During office hours: the buyer will get an instant email reply then one reminder SMS after 5 minutes if they haven’t completed the questionnaire, then after 10 minutes, the unqualified enquiry is emailed to branch.
Outside office hours: the buyer gets an instant email reply then an SMS reminder after 15 minutes, a second email after 30 minutes, and if they haven’t completed the questionnaire after 3 hours, the unqualified enquiry is emailed to branch.

If a tenant or buyer enquires for a specific property or if it is just a general enquiry, will they get the same automatically generated questionnaire?
The majority of enquiries are specific to a property. Tenants or buyers enquiring about a specific property will receive an email personalised with their name and a link to the property they enquired about. Emails also have the property address as the subject of the reply. The few ‘general’ enquiries received will be emailed straight through to your branch, where you can deal with their enquiry personally.

Can the software determine or ask what the specific property is, so we (the agent) can see what they are looking at?
Yes it can. It has the property address as the subject of the reply.

Any risk of the email response going through to the enquirer’s junk/spam folder?
Yes, but it is very low and email replies are also followed up by SMS.

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