A Study commissioned for TV series “Help! My House is Haunted” reveals that haunted houses sell for 17% less than the UK average, knocking a staggering £38,574 off the average UK property price.

With 23% of the population (6.26 million households) believing their house is haunted, that’s a staggeringly high amount of homes being sold below market value.

Would you avoid buying a property if you suspected ghostly goings-on? If you would, you’re not alone, as 55% of Brits say they would steer clear of spooky homes.

Even more surprising, 28% of buyers say they have felt a spooky presence when viewing a house and have been put off purchasing the property because of it.

78% of homeowners also polled said that they would lie to their estate agent to cover up the fact their house was haunted so as not to lose out financially.

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