Total social housing sales include sales of existing Local Authority (LA) and Private Registered Provider (PRP) stock that will result in it leaving the social sector.

This includes Right to Buy, preserved Right to Buy, voluntary Right to Buy, Right to Acquire, Social HomeBuy, Voluntary Purchase Grant, other outright sales to tenants and disposals of existing stock to the private sector.

In 2017-18 there were 20,891 sales of social housing dwellings.

This is a decrease of 10 percent compared to 2016-17. Sales are at a two year low, but are still above the 8,061 sales before the introduction of increased Right to Buy discounts in 2012-13.

Sales remain (76 percent) lower than the pre-financial crisis peak in 2003-04.

The total of 20,891 sales in 2017-18 amounts to about 0.5 percent of the total social rented stock of 4 million. In the same period 47,355 affordable homes have been delivered, of which 34,672 were available for rent.



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