As always, we’ve been looking for ways to help our agents INCREASE their EARNING POWERSHORTEN the time it takes them to GET PAID, whilst incurring NO EXTRA COST.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Pattinson Auctions to give you the opportunity of joining the fastest growing way to sell property.

Working with Pattinson Auctions we can now provide our customers with their own ‘in house’ online auction department, fully branded and tailored to fit seamlessly with their existing property services.

The incredible benefits include:

Offer your clients the option to “SELL FOR FREE”
with costs covered by the buyer.

You can receive up to 2.5% Commission.

A buyer is financially committed on the fall of the hammer and,
according to a fixed timescale, sales must complete in either 28 or 56 days.

Marketing materials and an online auction webpage fully branded as your agency
demonstrating that this is YOUR Auction Department.

There are a lot of misconceptions about auctions, both with agents and the public but this has been changing dramatically over the last few years.

For a long time, auctions were thought of as a way to get rid of undesirable, derelict or repossessed properties. That can still be true, but today’s auctions are considered by many to be the modern way of selling ANY property for a better price and at a faster speed.

In fact, property sales at auction increased by 46% in volume last year, with 70% of listings typically selling first time around!

Auction Myth Busting

Thought auctions were for disposing of dumps?

Auctions are now attracting an increasing amount of high-end luxury properties as vendors are looking to sell on a timescale that fits their plans and to save on agency fees as buyers pay the commission costs.

The property auction process is over complicated and difficult to understand.

On the contrary, the auction process is designed to be as transparent as possible. Weeks prior to bidding, essential information and disclosures regarding the property are available at the auction site or upon request. Buyers will have ample opportunities to have their questions answered.

Buyers cannot see the interior of the property before bidding.

In almost all cases, this is not true. There will be several opportunities to view the property to give interested buyers the chance to tour the home. The buyer will also be able to commission a survey of the property.

Homes sold at auction are always run-down, distressed and in need of complete renovation.

Whilst it is certainly true that some property auctions sell homes that have been bank-owned and vacant for some time, auctions also sell traditional family and luxury homes in very good condition. It would be a mistake for buyers to ignore auction listings as they could miss out on a well-maintained, desirable home. In short, ANY property is suitable to be auctioned.

You must pay cash for the property.

Any type of buyer has the opportunity to bid at auction. Indeed, almost three-quarters of auction buyers require funding to assist with the auction procedure. Buyers are keen to take advantage of this as auction fall through rates are less than 1%.

The best price may not be achieved.

On the contrary, auctions provide the best environment to maximise price with multiple bidders all bidding simultaneously and transparently. Unlike by private treaty, all interested parties are fully aware of what bids/offers have been submitted. The vendor also applies a reserve price, therefore the property will not sell for less than they need.

Vendors sometimes believe it will cost them more to sell at auction.

Using the Pattinson auction model, the vendor does not pay any fees. The fees are covered by the buyer to secure the property, meaning ZERO FEES to the vendor.

Free Marketing

When you join as a Partner Agent you’ll receive free bespoke auction guides in your company branding, with your logo, contact details and designed with your company ethos in mind.

As soon as you have someone ready to use your auction service, Pattinson will then provide them with an Auction Agreement, all ready to sign and get your next successful sale underway.

We’ll build you an auction tab that sits seamlessly within your existing website – demonstrating that you have an auction department.

Your logo will feature in Pattinson Auction catalogues with each property you refer.

Catalogues are emailed and posted to a huge database of interested applicants every month.

You will still list the property on property portals as you would with any other private treaty listing, as well as on your auction page. This also serves to highlight and promote your own auction facility.

Training & Support

Pattinson holds regular training sessions across the UK and are also available to carry out bespoke training at your offices as often as you require it.

You will have access to a nationwide dedicated support team, ready to help you get the most out of your auction facility, including regular visits to you in person.

An exclusive central team is also on hand 7 days a week.

Where are the auctions held?

As well as daily online auctions, which are showcased on their bidding platform and all main property portals. This live online bidding system makes the process even more streamlined and exciting for vendors and buyers alike.

Why did we choose to partner with Pattinson?

With over 30 years of experience in property auctions and a proven and effective partner model, we know we’re providing our customers with a golden opportunity to increase their earning potential with a safe pair of hands.

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