The average time it takes to sell and buy a property is between 15 to 25 weeks. That’s approximately 3.5 to 6 months from when a property is first listed!

Not long when you consider Christmas is less than 5 months away.

So, if you’re thinking “let’s just get the summer holidays over with” before putting your property on the market, or starting your property search in earnest, think again and get your skates on NOW!

Before you’ve even got that ‘For Sale’ sign up, there are things you need to do like:

  • Prepare your property for valuations, photographs and viewings, so get all of those odd jobs done and have a good declutter and clean
  • You also need to get your mortgage agreed in principle, should you require one
  • Invite a good local independent estate agent round to give you an accurate and realistic valuation

It’s worth asking a couple of agents to value your home and check out their sales record. DON’T fall for the highest valuation trick!

Unrealistic and unachievable valuations will leave you stuck on the market, way past the 25 weeks mark and are used merely as a lure to entice you into listing. You can check on Rightmove how much houses in your area have sold for to compare the valuations you’ve been given.

Don’t forget to check each estate agent’s credentials on their website before you register or arrange a valuation too.

They must be a member of a redress scheme and of course, make sure their site is HTTPS secure and that their privacy policy conforms to GDPR regulations before registering or sharing any information.

A reputable estate agent will have all of these things in place, to take care of your security, money and personal data. 

You will also need to arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and your chosen estate agent will normally be able to help you arrange this for a small fee.

Once you’ve agreed on an asking price with your appointed estate agent and they’ve taken some fantastic QUALITY photographs, it’s time to list your property!

This could all take a week or 2 and doesn’t count towards the average buy and sell period.

Only then can you start the very lengthy viewings -> offers -> surveys -> searches -> negotiations -> contracts -> exchange to completion process.

Therefore, if you want any chance of moving before Christmas, don’t leave it a minute longer!

Talk to your local estate agent and arrange that valuation TODAY!