Your website isn’t just an administration tool, nor a place to conveniently store your properties.

Done right, your website will provide you with more valuations and conversions than your hardest working team member, all of your portals put together, will never take a day off, and will cost you a tiny fraction of the average negotiator’s wage or portal fee.

So what makes a sticky website?

A sticky website is one that engages visitors and provides them with plenty of tools and information that guides visitors through the moving process, giving them no need to go leave the site to find any further information as the site has everything they could possibly need, all in one place.

A Sticky Site should include (where applicable):

  • Moving Guides for vendors, buyers
  • Selling Guide
  • Landlord Guide and Responsibilities
  • Tenant Guide and Responsibilities
  • Area Guides
  • Blogs/News Articles
  • Valuation Tools ( Expert and Instant)
  • Repair and Maintenance Reporting
  • Stamp Duty, Mortgage & Conveyancing Calculators
  • Testimonials/Reviews
  • Meet the Team
  • Plenty of prominent Calls to Action on every page
  • Easy-to-follow navigation leading visitors around the site

To further enhance the stickiness of a site, adding plenty of property, team, and testimonial videos really works well, and it’s no coincidence that our most successful agents utilise all of these items to the max.

Benefits of a Sticky Site

A sticky site is not only a great way to capture and convert visitors, they’re also a great way to attract them in the first place.

Packing your site with plenty of content movers might want to know about will help increase your Google ranking. Adding area guides and local information, as well as news articles and blogs about what’s going on in the industry and your area can significantly boost your search engine appeal as well. Plus, they are great to share on social media to increase traffic to your website even further.

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