You may never have heard of ‘Primacy and Anchoring Effects’, however, you will be experiencing them every day, either in a positive or negative way.

The Primacy Effect

The primacy effect is a primal cognitive bias and is the natural human tendency to remember a first new piece of information or experience over those received later on.

The Anchoring Effect

The anchoring effect describes the tendency to rely on primary information or experiences to anchor subsequent judgments and interpretations.

When primacy and anchoring biases combine, opinions are hard to change and subsequent information is usually discarded or ignored. A great combination when trying to attract new clients and customers if you’ve made a great first impression, fatal if you haven’t.

Make Primacy & Anchoring Bias Work for Your Business

To avoid giving a poor impression on ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’, and to achieve a gong-worthy winning sales and letting performance, get your website in order and take great quality photos.

The first impression potential new clients and customers will get of you will almost without exception be from the quality of your website or property images, and that impression will stick.

We can provide you with a stunning and attractive website but if your property pics look more Golden Raspberry than Golden Globes, they’re going to look just as bad or even worse on portals, meaning little to no interest in either your properties or engaging your services.

You may never get the opportunity to undo a bad impression, even if the opportunity arises, as these primal instincts are strong in all of us (even primates and other animals experience similar biases).

So, get these two fundamentals right, and you’ll be well on your way to making a lasting great impression that will stick and be remembered for a very long time.

Don’t forget the same effects apply to your emails, online enquiries, and calls too!

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