Website Solutions for Multi-Branch Estate Agents

Big brand agencies come with equally big issues when it comes to presenting multiple branches in an attractive and effective way that targets individual areas.

Providing each branch with its own microsite is the most efficient and user-friendly way to display:

Branch InformationMeet the TeamReviewsArea GuideSocial Media Links – Valuation and Registration Forms – Properties and more – all in one easily accessible place.

Microsites make it effortlessly simple for movers to find exactly what they’re looking for, whilst automatically filtering valuation and viewing requests to the appropriate branches. They also make it easier for individual branches to promote themselves locally, including across their social media pages.

Additionally, group business managers can also identify branch by branch which ones are generating the most website traffic via their site’s Data Dashboard, and make data-driven strategic marketing decisions to improve effectiveness and conversions.

MicrositesKeeping it Local

Moving home is all about location, but it’s not just movers that want everything local at their fingertips; search engines love local too.

Ideal for any agency with more than one branch, and available with both bespoke and template sites.

Want to take a closer look at microsites in action?

Check out Urban and Rural’s multi-branch template site HERE, or Mansell McTaggart’s 19-branch bespoke site HERE.

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