Property Market Confidence

In just a few short weeks, we’ve noticed a significant change of direction in the property market compass, with positive indications it’s on course for a bounce back after a long and painful period of uncertainty and hesitation.

Website traffic is up, enquiries are up, and valuation requests are up; all signs that the general public is feeling more confident about moving.

We’ve also noticed a big uptick in agents keen to capitalise on this positive trend and boost their online presence.

However, after several anxious months of the cost of living crisis, market turbulence, and all on the tail end of COVID, cash reserves have been seriously depleted, and financing a new website is often seen as one hurdle too many.

So, when agents come to us to test the waters and find out how much a new website would set them back, we love surprising them with our ‘Site for Life’ plan that lets them spread the cost of a new website over 2 years!

At The Property Jungle, we understand how difficult things have been for agents over the last few years and this is just one of the ways we’ve been helping to lighten the load, whilst also providing agents with the tools they need to compete.

Want to be ready to make the most out of the green shoots emerging in the property market?

Get in touch with us to discover your website options and learn more about our ‘Site for Life’ plan.