Thought your collection of empty water bottles was bad?

The weird stuff found in untaxed cars will make you wonder what some people get up to in their vehicles!

DVLA have today revealed a list of some of the items found in untaxed cars that were clamped and impounded in the last 12 months.

As well as everyday items, some of the items were decidedly bizarre.

The list includes:

  • off-road quad bike
  • an acoustic guitar complete with accessories, stand and carry-case
  • half a corner sofa
  • bathroom toilet with seat
  • fishing rods complete with tackle
  • ‘Beavis & Butthead’ trading cards
  • full drum kit complete with Cort ‘Groove Engine GE15B’ amplifier set
  • a quantity of men’s torso mannequins
  • a highly collectable Louis Wain book of illustrated cats from the 1920s
  • full set of golf clubs
  • 3 jockey helmets

Time to declutter our cars as well as our homes!

Don’t forget that Road Tax too!

You can check online to see if a vehicle is taxed HERE.