The Government is ramping up its cybersecurity efforts and specifically targeting Property Fraud. As part of their offensive, they have changed the email address for reporting fraudulent email that pretends to be from the HM Land Registry.

If you receive a fraudulent or suspicious email purporting to be from HM Land Registry, DO NOT OPEN or REPLY.

Forward the email, along with any attachments, to

If possible, use the ‘Forward as attachment’ option on your email software. Netcraft will take action to remove any offending material or sites from the internet.


It is vital that we all continue to be vigilant and REPORT scam emails. Unless we ALL do our bit, these fraudsters can carry on until they find a victim to fleece and it is impossible to win a war with an enemy when you don’t know where they are. Please, ALWAYS REPORT SCAM PHISHING EMAILS. 

Identifying Phishing Emails

Genuine HM Land Registry emails have a sender domain ending in, such as Telford.OfficeMail []

Phishing emails may use the land registry in their name but are being sent from other email domains, such as Telford.OfficeMail [].

Be Safe, Not Sorry

If you are unsure about ANY email claiming to be from HM Land Registry or elsewhere, follow these steps.

  1. Do not open the attachment or follow any links, as this may infect your computer with a virus. Computer viruses can help criminals to steal data from your computer.
  2. Do not reply to the email.
  3. Forward email to (for other phishing attempts, use Action Fraud’s online form HERE). 
  4. Delete the email.

If it is too late and you have already lost money or information, or your computer has been taken over by a phishing or malware attack, report it to Action Fraud.

The Governments new cybercrime team at Netcraft has already taken down more than 62,849 attacks across government departments.

The average time it takes to take down phishing sites relating to the government has now fallen from 27 hours to under one hour.

For malware this has decreased from 525 to 43 hours (roughly from 22 to less than 2 days) so their efforts are certainly making headway.