AML and CPR legislation is a monumental headache for estate and letting agents, but with the right help, it really doesn’t need to be.

The law is complex and often difficult to fully understand. It can also seem impossible to put into practice.

However, we can recommend the right people and tools to help you make sense of it all and a lot easier to comply.

At The Property Jungle, we surround ourselves with the most knowledgeable and trusted people for up-to-date industry and technical information and advice. Our go-to person for all compliance questions and answers is Mike Day at Integra Property Services.

If you’ve ever read the long-winded information that HMRC or provide, it is easy to see why many agents stick their heads in the sand. Mike cuts through the ‘proverbial’ and delivers all the information agents need to know in a clear and concise way that is easy to digest and understand, and all importantly, implement.

His fantastic (and fun) training sessions are worth every penny, as attendees leave with more than just knowledge. They can go back to their businesses with a plan of action that will work for them.

We can’t stress enough how important training is when it comes to AML and CPR. The stakes are incredibly high and breaches can result in fines, loss of business, inability to hold a directorship or management position, a criminal record and in the worst cases, a prison sentence.

HMRC are cracking down on estate agents and the risk really isn’t worth taking, so if you invest in one training course this year, make it an AML  or CPR one with Mike Day.

When you’ve completed your course, get in touch with us for a chat about automating your process with ALM and CPR ‘Compliance in a Box’. These great systems help to make the process smoother, auditable and less time-consuming.