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To understand the true value of Market Maker it’s best to see it in action. Join Property Jungle National Sales & Account Manager, Steve Ryan, to find out more on the Marketing Toolkit agents have been waiting for.


  • How to access a list of properties likely to come to market in the next 12 months
  • How to find out every property currently on the market, including addresses and sales progression status
  • How to increase stock and promote listings with automated marketing tools
  • How to design, produce, and send targeted print options at the touch of a button
  • How to produce automated Ezines featuring branded videos, and Videoettes of your properties, that can be shared on social media in minutes
  • How to produce and share market updates using our video branding tool

And much more!

Discover how you can get more tools, more opportunity and more for your money with Market Maker.

Sign up for a demo here. Webinar coming soon!